Livestock Set Aside Program

The Saskatchewan Livestock Set Aside Program will help cattle and bison producers manage the cost of holding back market-ready livestock while processing plants deal with the backlog of animals caused by COVID-19.

Registration is Now Open! Enrol Today.

Registration is now open for the Livestock Set Aside Program. There is a one-time registration required to enter this Program. SCIC will accept enrolment applications starting Monday, June 29, 2020. To register, please fill out the Registration Enrolment Form.




Terms and Conditions

Livestock Set Aside Program

Program details on the Livestock Set Aside Program are outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Participant must agree to Terms and Conditions of the Program prior to enrolment.

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How To Apply

  • One-Time Registration: There is a one-time registration required to enter this Program. To begin the process, please fill out the Registration Enrolment Form.
  • Notice of Intent: You are encouraged to provide advance notice of enrolling cattle into the Livestock Set Aside Program.This two-week notice will assist with managing enrolment capacity within the Program. 
  • Weekly Enrolment Applications: An enrolment application will need to be completed for each week a participant wishes to set aside livestock. All forms will be time stamped. Livestock can be placed on the Livestock Set Aside Program for no longer than 63 days with a mandatory 30-day minimum duration. 
    • Enrolment Hours: Enrolment applications must be submitted between Monday, 8 a.m. through to Tuesday, 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. Enrolment applications will be accepted during the business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. 
      In the event of a statutory holiday falling on the enrolment dates, enrolment applications will be extended one day. Please refer to the Calendar of Program Dates for a list of these statutory holiday dates.
  • Enrolment Decisions: An Advisory Committee, consisting of SCIC, the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock industry groups will review and approve all enrolment applications.You will receive a weekly confirmation of status indicating whether your enrolment application is approved or denied. Your acceptance into the Program is determined by eligibility and time received of each enrolment application.
    • Status of Application: Upon enrolment approval, coverage begins the Monday after producers receive their confirmation email. So, livestock producers will enrol on Mondays and Tuesdays, receive notification of their application status on Friday, and program coverage will begin the following Monday.

Individual Animal Information

Within 15 days of enrolment acceptance, the individual animal information is require. Information can be submitted by a file (.xls or csv) or by downloading and submitting the Individual Animal Information Template.

Required information includes:

  • PID
  • lot number
  • feedlot tag
  • sex
  • net weight
  • date of ownership or days on feed.
  • For cattle, mandatory minimum average weight net of four per cent shrink in the a.m. and five per cent shrink in the p.m.
  • For bison, mandatory minimum average weight net of seven per cent shrink.


Producers are encouraged to direct inquiries to SCIC's team of experts. Please call the toll free number, 1-888-935-0000 or email

Share Your Information Securely

JoinSCIC (Kiteworks) is a secure file-sharing solution that enables you to securely and easily share your files. Participants will upload all Program documents into this SCIC secure web portal. The email address supplied on the Registration form will be the point-of-contact for all JoinSCIC communication. SCIC staff is available to assist participants with set up of their JoinSCIC account. If you do not receive email correspondence within one business day, please check your junk folder and follow up with SCIC.

Mobile device users have the option of downloading an app, available for IOS and Android users. Notifications can be turned on to ensure they receive an immediate alert of submission of documents. 

About The Program

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan announced up to $10 million in additional funding to help livestock producers manage the impacts of COVID-19 related market disruptions. The support includes up to $5 million for Saskatchewan’s 40 per cent share of the costs associated with participation in the national AgriRecovery set-aside program. On May 5, 2020, the federal government announced its 60 per cent contribution to the Program. Saskatchewan livestock producers will now be able to access a total of $12.5 million under the Livestock Set Aside Program.


  •  Registration Enrolment Form

  • Notice of Intent - Coming Soon
    Provide advance notice of enrolling animals into the program.

  •  Individual Animal Information Template

  • Withdraw Enrolment Application - Coming Soon
    Submit this form when you want to withdraw your enrolment.

  • Interim Payment Application - Coming Soon
    Submit this application to request interim payment.

  • Early Release Request - Coming Soon
    Submit this form when you wish to leave the program.

Program Dates

  •  Calendar of Program Dates