Insurable Crops

List of crops insurable under the organic option.

SCIC insures crop varieties suitable for local growing conditions throughout the province. Insurance may be denied if you grow an inappropriate variety for your area.

Crop Insurance offers organic coverage on:

  • barley
  • canary seed
  • canola
  • durum
  • fababeans
  • field peas
  • flax
  • khorasan wheat/Kamut
  • lentils (large green, red, other)
  • mustard (brown, oriental, yellow)
  • oats
  • sunflowers
  • rye (fall, spring)
  • triticale
  • wheat (Canada Prairie, extra strong, hard red spring wheat, hard white spring wheat)
  • winter wheat

Soft white spring wheat will be insured as Canada Prairie spring wheat.

Insurance is available for both oilseed full season (OFS) and oilseed early-maturing (OEM) sunflowers. If you grow both classes, production is offset in the event of a claim.

In regards to khorasan wheat/Kamut ®, a production contract must be supplied to SCIC upon request.