Insurable Crops

SCIC insures crop varieties suitable for local growing conditions throughout the province. Insurance is also available on a larger number of specialty crops. When selecting crops, distinguish between all wheat and canola varieties.

Crop Insurance offers coverage on:

Soft white spring wheat will be insured as Canada Prairie spring wheat.

Insurance is available for both oilseed full season (OFS) and oilseed early maturing (OEM) sunflowers. If you grow both classes, production is offset in the event of a claim.

In regards to khorasan wheat/Kamut®, a production contract must be supplied to SCIC upon request.

Additional Insurable Specialty Crops

Yield loss only coverage for the following specialty crops is available at 50, 60 or 70 per cent coverage. Terms and conditions provide insurance features and agronomic practices required for insurance. Please select a crop:

These specialty crops are insured for yield-loss and quality coverage (50, 60 or 70 per cent).

Production guarantees  are determined using the provincial long-term average yield for the following: 

  • camelina
  • dryland dry beans
  • timothy hay
  • grain corn
  • hemp grain

Individual coverage is applied to:

  • alfalfa seed
  • chickpeas
  • caraway
  • coriander
  • irrigated dry beans
  • honey
  • potatoes
  • soybeans

These crops are insured for loss of productive units. Vegetables  are insured for acreage loss,  commercial vegetables  are insured for cabbage and pumpkin plant loss and fruit trees are insured for tree loss. There are no coverage levels available for these crops.

The Bee Mortality Program offers insurance for winter mortality losses in bees.