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At SCIC, we understand the challenges you face — because we’re producers too. That’s why our team works with industry to build strong insurance programs that meet the needs of Saskatchewan producers. We’re here for you, providing personalized insurance and quick action on your claims.

We care about you and your farm. Watch these videos to see how SCIC has supported operations like yours.

Stewart & Tammy

For farmers, there will always be good years and not so good years. For Stewart, 2014 was tough. Large amounts of rain lead to many unseeded acres, but thankfully Stewart had the help of Tammy.

Jason & Rheaume

It’s always tough to navigate the elements in Saskatchewan. Luckily, Jason was able to predicate the upcoming drought in his region and manage his risk with a revised Crop Averaging Program and the helpful advice from Rheaume.

Harlan & Bruce

Predicting the weather on the prairies isn’t always easy, and when 2010 came rolling in, so did the rain. A lot of rain. Harlan was thankful to have Bruce in his corner that year.