How To Apply

Applying for AgriStability is as simple as calling the SCIC AgriStability Call Centre and requesting a new participant package. The request must be made by the Enrolment/Fee Deadline of the program year in which you wish to participate. Enrolment is easy - just a simple phone call!

You can also complete the short contact form below to begin the application process and request a call back from AgriStability staff.


Enrolling in the Program

Like insurance for your house or car, you sign up before something goes wrong. With AgriStability you pay your fee by the Enrolment Deadline, before most production years begin. You can then go about your regular business, knowing AgriStability will help in the event the unexpected happens

Participating In AgriStability

To be eligible to participate in the AgriStability Program, you must derive income from the primary production of agricultural commodities, provided in the program year you have:

  • carried on the business of farming in Canada and reported farming income (or loss) for income tax purposes;
  • completed a minimum of six consecutive months of farming activity;
  • completed a production cycle; and
  • submitted the required information by the deadlines.

New Producers

For AgriStability purposes, new producers are those who have not participated in the program before. An Enrolment Fee Notice will be issued based on your intended production. It is your responsibility to ensure you have met all of the eligibility requirements noted in the Participating In AgriStability section in order to have your current program year application processed.

Simplified Participation: New producers, or those who have not participated in the AgriStability Program in any of the four years immediately prior to the current program year, have the option of submitting either the previous three years or five years of historical information.

How to Apply

Once enrolled in the AgriStability Program, you will receive an Enrolment/Fee Notice annually. The Enrolment/Fee Notice identifies the program fee and Administrative Cost Share (ACS) fee. You must pay the program fee and ACS fee by the required deadline to be eligible for benefits.

Producers do not need to provide historical farm information to have an Enrolment/Fee Notice generated. However, your historical information is required in order to process the application.

All producers participating in AgriStability must complete and submit a Participant Initial Declaration form. The Participant Initial Declaration explains the rights and responsibilities of producers participating in AgriStability. It must be signed and returned to SCIC by all producers participating in AgriStability and/or the official signing officer(s).